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“Look how old fashioned she is that she came to university wearing a salwar kameez.” “Huh! How extra modern these girls are? They are wearing such short shorts. If they would have been shorter than it could have become a bikini with a crop top.” “We never wear these clothes. We come wearing something between […]

Life of an Army Man

otterbox phone caseself bar 5000 skelf bar kopenhttps://csiukltd.co.ukelf bar liquid im mund eine neue art des genusses “Beti tainu main ikk gal dassan…Hale tak sadde gharon mainu chhad ke koi vi Army che nai gaya. Army chee rehne da hor maja seeya. Meri sver subah panj vaje tey raat shaami atth vaje hi ho jaandi […]


I was at a family gathering, but standing very quietly in a corner. I saw everyone entering with a smile. I greeted each of them with a normal yet beautiful smile. But my mind was stuck somewhere else. Still, I managed to smile. I was in my study completing some important work. I was working […]

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